Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hair saga continues

Okay. So, the hair saga continues at the Rios household. Little brother, not to be outdone by big brother (not an Orwell reference), decides to get a "faux-hawk", which is, I guess, a little brother version of the mohawk. The only problem is, I tried to get a "tough-looking" picture of Christopher, so he would look "cool." My instructions were, "Don't laugh, Christopher! C'mon now, look tough and don't laugh! Okay, now. Don't laugh!" Oh, well! Don't you love that beautiful smile, though.


  1. He's not pulling of "tough guy" so well. More like funny sweetheart. I'm digging the hair though.

  2. BTW, when are you posting a picture of Lori with a mohawk? That, I cant wait to see.