Monday, April 6, 2009

Thoughts on keeping my mouth shut!

A few days ago I came home to discover that my 14 year old son was sporting a new hair style - a mohawk! My wife said she thought it looked cute (cute?). Being a teacher, I immediately thought of all the negative attention he would be drawing to himself at school and I opened my mouth to say so. Luckily, I caught a look from my wife and shut my mouth. I just looked at his hair and smiled. One of my friends told me later that night that she and her son had just had a conversation in which he told her that when she stopped objecting to his "style", it wasn't nearly as much fun. With that in mind, I was ready to embrace the mohawk into my world. Then, I came home today to find out that he had mom take him to SuperCuts after school to shave off the mohawk. Too much work to maintain, he says. Hmmm... there just might be something to this keeping my mouth shut. I'm going to try it again sometime soon.


  1. Love the layout! I even think the mohawk is kind of cool. Too bad that Dad "embraced" it.

  2. Forget the hair! What about him looking so old now??

  3. I know! Right? And he's almost as tall as I am! We're talking within centimeters.